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  1. For sleeper class train journey Rs. 4000/- (Four Thousand) per head, AC 2 Tire Rs. 8000/- (Eight Thousand) per head AC 3 Tire Rs. 6000/- (Six Thousand) per head and for air reservation full Air Fare have to be deposited in cash in advance. Balance money is to be paid in Cash/By Kolkata clearing Cheque/Demand Draft 30 days ahead of journey date. Refund of air fare for cancelled flight is subject to discretion of airport authorities.

  2. At the time of travelling in Bus/Car everyday have to be changed his/her own position accordingly. Except senior citizen or any disabled person. Passenger will have to pay the car from the airport to the hotel.

  3. For any tourists occupying a double bed room singly in hotel, additional charge for the extra bed as applicable will be payable.

  4. For parties outside Kolkata, all moneys for tickets are payable by draft or Kolkata clearing cheque only.

  5. For travel in sleeper coaches, no guarantee is given for LOWER/MIDDLE/UPPER Birth. In all such cases, parties are requested to kindly accept the allotments made by the railways. However, sleeping space available is enough for each person.

  6. Entry fees, Camera charges, Guide charges, Porter charges, Ropeway charges, Horse riding, Dandy riding, Sikara riding, Scuba riding, Camel Riding, Rajasthani Folk Danceetc. at any place/item of sightseeing, if charged, has to be paid by the tourist. Passengers will have to bear the cost of used cloths in snow.

  7. Hotel accommodation is generally arranged family wise Three persons in a DOUBLE BED ROOM, Four persons in TRIPLE BED ROOM basis or double bed with one EXTRA BED or MATTRESS or GADDA on floor. However family wise room accommodation is not possible like (Kedernath, Badrinath, Gangotari, Yamunotri, Valley of flowers, Amarnath Yatra) etc. dormitory will be allotted. Room allotment is on lottery basis in every hotel accommodation.

  8. If any guest destroying the hotel furniture or anything which is related with the hotel, the company is not liable to pay the damage charges. In such cases party has been liable to pay the damage charge.

  9. Management will not be responsible for any visiting place is closed.

  10. Food Menu will be selected as per tour schedule and availability.

  11. In the running tour food serving will be done on the way any restaurant or a vacant place in the roadside.

  12. Company holds no responsibility for any accidental and such no compensation is admitted.

  13. Company holds no liabilities if parties fail to catch schedule train or plane on schedule time.

  14. If any party wish to visit a special place in the running tour, then total cost born by the party and party bound to taken a releasing letter from the tour operator. In this case the company has no responsibility for any incident.

  15. Washing cloth inside the hotel is strictly prohibited.

  16. Our tour package is generally computed on the basis of sleeper class fare. For those who prefer to travel by AC 2/3 Tire or by Air where available, endeavors are made in such case if parties agree to pay the cost differential.

  17. Daarshan Tours & Travels reserves the right to Change/Modify/Cancel the date/tour etc. without assigning any reason. Minimum 25 Heads has required for a confirm trip. If the tour is canceled by the management, full advance amount will be refundable without any interest. But is not responsible to refund or to compensate any amount of money if the tour or any part of the tour is canceled due to political insurgency, natural calamity or conditions beyond control of whichever the nature may be or any reason beyond the control of Daarshan Tours & Travels, the company not responsible to refund or to compensate any amount of money. The party bound to pay the extra cost if any station or route has been changed for completing the tour due to political or natural calamity.

  18. Daarshan Tours & Travels is not responsible to refund or to compensate any amount of money if the tourist can’t complete the tour for his/her adverse physical condition or for any personal reason. The passengers are liable to reimburse the amount of money to Daarshan Tours & Travels spend on behalf of his/her medical assistance or any other special necessity may occur during the tour by the tour manager.

  19. During the tour, the tour manager may change the tour program according to his convenience to operate the tour successfully. Tour manager’s decision regarding any matter is final during the tour.

  20. During the tour is adverse condition or incidents occurs or happens due to the misbehavior, any illegal act or any act that is socially accepted by the passenger(s) or passenger(s) concerned will be solely responsible for that occurrence or happening.

  21. Kindly note that luggage should be handled and taken care by the passenger(s) his/her/themselves at the railway station or train or car or near the railway station. The responsibility of the luggage completely belongs to the passenger(s). The tour manager or any staff of Daarshan Tours & Travels is not responsible or liable to fix the rates of the Porters or negotiate with them at the railway station or anywhere for the passenger(s).

  22. No service will be available for the AC railway reserved tourists those are travelling with us in the same train.
  23. Package cost may increase in case of fuel cost of transportation and railway fare increase after booking.In some places we do not have permission to use our own Car/Bus, in which case the passengers will have to travel by hiring local Cars at their own expense.

  24. All the passenger(s) are requested to carry 22” Trolley Bag and one small hand bag. Company will not responsible for any extra luggage.

  25. The company has served only Lunch and Dinner (Veg.) on train from the railway pantry car. No tea will be given on moving train. In case of delay in train running schedule,company will not bear any additional cost of train food (if any).If any passenger does not eat food in the train, in that case no food refund will be given to the passenger.

  26. The company doesn’t provide any type of Hard drinks/Soft drinks/Mineral water during the tour.

  27. No request has been granted regarding the food on the running tour. Hot water and room service is not available on the tour.

  28. Package value includes all the journey fare (including sleeper class train fare), accommodation and cost of food (Morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner) at hotel.



From 30 days to 120 days before journey cancellation charges @ 25% per head from total package cost.
From 15 days to 29 days before journey cancellation charges @ 50% per head from total package cost.
From 07 days to 14 days before journey cancellation charges @ 75% per head from total package cost.
Seven days before the start of the journey, there will be no refund.

NOTE : Any cancellation will not be accepted over telephone or email. Please submit the money receipt or bill during the cancellation. If cancellation is made within 24 hours from the booking time, the company has charged Rs.500 per head for cancellation.